Analog. December 2010.

Shane Tourtellotte. The Man from Downstream. Followed up with a Science Fact article looking at how the time traveller finances his travel in way back when.

Brenda Cooper. The Hebras and the Demons and the Damned.

UPDATE 10th October 2011 : This story was subsequently collected by Hartwell/Cramer in ‘Year’s Best SF 16’, where I read it. It’s set on the planet Fremon, the location of Cooper’s first novel. As with a number of Analog stories, it is about human settlers on an alien planet struggling to understand the flora and fauna, and making some kind of accommodation in order for humanity to survive. Unlike a number of Analog stories of this ilk, it is quite well written, but didn’t really do that much for me – it could just as easily have been any settlers from any historical period on Earth struggling with the unknown.

Ron Collins. Deca-Dad.

Carl Frederick. Happy Are the Bunyips.

Brian C. Coad. A Placebo Effect.

Christopher L. Bennett. Home Is Where the Hub Is.

H.G. Stratmann. Primum Non Nocere.

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