Analog April 2016

analog1604Stories this issue :

Maggie Clark. Seven Ways of Looking at the Sun-Worshippers of Yul-Katan.
Edward M. Lerner. Soap Opera.
Rosemary Claire Smith. Diamond Jim and the Dinosaurs.
Stephen L. Burns. Playthings.
Stephen R. Wilk. Alloprene.
Martin L. Shoemaker. Early Warning.
Paddy Kelly. Lonely Hearts of the Spinward Ring.
Rich Larson. Sleep Factory.
Eric Choi. Most Valuable Player.

Rich Horton singles out the Maggie Clark story for praise (..”a fine story”..) on LocusOnline here

Collen Chen reviews all the stories (“…the usual range from light-hearted to dramatic, past Earth to dystopian future, and a couple of space-based stories..”) in TangentOnline here.

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