Analog. April 2014.

analog1404I mentioned in my coverage of the March issue, that having David Brin’s name on the cover of the issue was enough for me to open the issue on my iPad, and this month’s issue is the same, with Lavie Tidhar’s name on the cover. And this month’s cover is also a doozy, with cover art by Julie Dillon and cover design by Victoria Green – it’s an excellent illustration and the other design around it fits perfectly. A big improvement on some of the awful covers of Analog in the past. I can still recall reading this issue on the Tube and having to hide the cover…

So fiction this month is :

Karl Schroeder. Lockstep Conclusion (Part IV of IV).

Jordan Jeffers. A Fierce, Calming Presence.
Eric Baylis. The Oracle of Boca Raton.
Jon Hakes. Wind Reaper.
Ian Randal Stock. It’s Not ‘The Lady or the Tiger?’ it’s ‘Which Tiger?’
Lavie Tidhar. Whaliens. An excellent story which I’ve reviewed here.

And by my reckoning that’s the first issue of Analog I’ve noted that doesn’t have an author with a middle initial in his (for Analog authors are mostly male) name, or, more seriously, the first issue without one (or more!) of Analog stalwarts. Is editor Quarchri wielding a new broom??

Content listings and reviews of previous issues (10 years worth!) of Analog here.

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