Albert E. Cowdrey. Out of the Deep. (Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2014)

fsf040102Another tale of ne’er-do-wells in the deep south, and some powerful magic. Fortunately Cowdrey is a master of place and person and his stories are as smooth as a barrel-aged sippin’ whiskey, and you just get transported to the coast, smoking a Cuban cigar, as a story is related that starts in the 1950s when two young boys meet on holiday, to be reunited 20 years later, post-Vietnam, and post a lot of stuff, to stand back to back (albeit employer and employee) to face a mono-browed evildoer, but with the advantage of a powerful, fragrantly female, force on their side.

The only issue with Cowdrey’s tales are they’ve made my wary of visiting the deep south of the States, and having now watched True Detective, let me tell you I’m staying this side of the Atlantic, which is probably far enough away to be safe….

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