Alastair Reynolds. At Budokan. (Shine).

Getting Alastair Reynolds’ name on a book cover is of course a Good Thing. However, I’m not so sure though that getting him to write a Near Future Optimistic story is a Good Thing, as his strengths are far future, galactic-spanning stories. And whilst it’s Near Future, I’m not so sure about the Optimistic – after all it’s a world in which Heavy Metal music still holds sway…

And if you think (like I do) that the likes of Kiss are the nadir of humanity, then a future in which Monsters of Rock are indeed just that, with the might Tyrannosaurus Rex re-created to serve up high octane rock, is hardly going to be an optimistic one. But Reynolds has his tongue firmly in his cheek as he looks at the lengths the rock industry will go to please their audience.

One thought on “Alastair Reynolds. At Budokan. (Shine).

  1. What excuse could there be in 2010 to still be calling TRex a lizard? Feathered dinosaurs had already been in the news for over a decade and a half… Really took me out of the story.

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